平成29年度 ナノテクキャリアアップアライアンス

京都大学 フォトニックスコース《短期型》







■募集人数: 3

■期間: 平成29年9月20日(水)、21日(木)、22日(金)


■会場: 京都大学ナノテクノロジーハブ拠点

(京都市左京区吉田本町 吉田キャンパス内 工学部物理系校舎3階327号および実験室)





第1日目 (午後から開始)

  ① 全体スケジュール説明、安全教育 

  ② スパッタ装置によるKNN成膜 (成膜の待ち時間内に講義)


  ① X線回折装置による結晶構造解析  ② 上部電極形成(真空蒸着装置)


  ① 強誘電体評価システムによるPEループ測定 ② データ整理およびまとめ






(kyodai-hub@saci.kyoto-u.ac.jp、電話:075-753-5231 )


2018 Nanotech Career-up Alliance

Piezoelectric Materials Device Course (short term type)


Purpose and intended persons:

Piezoelectric Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 thin films has been actually used for the MEMS device such as gyro sensors and inkjet printers. However the use of toxic lead has restricted in the world, development of lead free piezoelectric thin films has been anticipated.  In this curse, participants take a lecture of basis of piezoelectric materials, and practical experiment of (Ka,Na)NbO3 thin films deposition by sputtering, evaluation technique by X-ray diffractometer and PE hysteresis measuring system.


Number of Participants:

3 persons (max)


Dates:  Wednesday, September 20 to Friday, September 22, 2017


Venue: Nanotechnology Hub, Kyoto University

Faculty of Engineering, Engineering Science Departments Building

Yoshida-Honmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 606-8501




First day (PM start)

 (1) Guidance

 (2) KNN thin films deposition by RF magnetron sputtering


Second day

(1)Crystal structure analysis by X-ray diffractometer

(2) Deposition of upper electrode by thermal evaporator


Third day

(1) Evaluation of PE-hysteresis loop of KNN thin film by piezoelectric measuring system.

(2) Summarizing



  Free charge for doctoral students and young researchers belong to CUPAL Alliance institutions.

  Others: 250,000 yen


Contact: Kyoto University Nanotechnology Hub

       E-mail: Kyodai-hub@saci.kyoto-u.ac.jp