本コースにおいては、微細加工の中級者を対象にし、最新鋭電子線描画装置を使用したSiウェハへの高度な描画(多層レジスト、重ね合わせ描画等)をメインに、 より複雑なデバイス加工に対応した微細加工のための基本技術の習得を目指します。


■募集人数: 3

■期間: 平成31年3月4日(月)~3月14日(木)

     講義:2日間(全員)、実習:2日間(個別) 合計4日間

■会場: 京都大学ナノテクノロジーハブ拠点

( 京都市左京区吉田本町 京都大学吉田キャンパス内 工学部物理系校舎    3階327号)



1日目,2日目 3月4日(月)、5日(火)

① 電子線描画の基礎から応用(講義) 参加者全員が対象



3日目 3月6日(水)、3月11日(月)、3月13日(水) の何れかの日

② CADによる描画パターンデータ作成

③ 露光前処理 -レジスト塗布等(実習)

④ 多層レジストを用いた描画(実習)


4日目 3月7日(木)、3月12日(火)、3月14日(木) の何れかの日

⑤ 高精度重ね合わせ描画(実習)

⑥ 描画パターンのSEM観察(実習)






■連絡先: 京都大学ナノテクノロジーハブ拠点

(kyodai-hub@saci.kyoto-u.ac.jp、電話:075-753-5231 )


FY 2018 Nanotech Career-up Alliance

Kyoto University, Advanced Course for Electron-beam Lithography << Short-term type >>


■ Purpose and intended persons:

In the most-advanced semiconductor devices and MEMS, the requirement for nanoscale patterns have become important. The key technology to meet those requirement is the electron-beam lithography which can draw the fine patterns in the nanometer order.

This course is intended for intermediate participants of Electron-beam Lithography. The participants will learn the advanced knowledge about electron-beam lithography technologies through the designing complex devices by CAD, exposing the pattern (multilayer resist/superposition drawing) on silicon wafers with oxide film by the most-advanced electron-beam lithography equipment.


■ Number of participants: 3persons (maximum)

■ Time and period: From March 4 (Mon) to March 14 (Thu), 2019

4 days in total (lecture: 2 days [all participants]; practice: 2 days [individually])

■ Venue: Kyoto University Nanotechnology Hub (* Yoshida Campus, Kyoto University)



■ Contents:

Day 1 and Day 2 – March 4 (Mon) and March 5 (Tue)

[1] From the fundamentals to advanced knowledge of electron-beam lithography (lecture). For all the participants

*) The following schedule will be implemented for each participant for two consecutive days. Please note that the schedule is different for each participant. The specific schedule will be adjusted after the participation has been determined.


Day 3 – March 6 (Wed), March 11 (Mon) or March 13 (Wed)

[2] Pattern design by CAD

[3] Treatment before exposure – Photoresist application, etc. (practice)

[4] Drawing patterns using multilayer resist (practice)


Day 4 – March 7 (Thu), March 12 (Tue) or March 14 (Thu)

[5] High-precision superposition drawing (practice)

[6] Observation of drawing pattern by SEM (practice)


■ Tuition:

Free of charge for the doctoral students and young researchers belonging to CUPAL Alliance institutions

Others: 250,000 yen (* Not including consumption tax)


■ Contact: Kyoto University Nanotechnology Hub

(kyodai-hub@saci.kyoto-u.ac.jp  Phone: +81-75-753-5231)